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Usernames used by Oamk students and staff to log in to various services after the M365 migration


Services you log into with your M365 account

  • If your username has not changed:
    [oamkusername] or [oamkusername]
  • If your username has changed because you have a locked username at the University of Oulu:
    [univusername] or [univusername]
  • If your username has changed because your Oamk username is already in use by some other person at the University of Oulu:
  • If your username has merged with your active username at the University of Oulu: [univusername] or [univusernam]
    • M365/Azure AD login:
      • ICT services maintained workstation (after reinstallation), M365 services, Sign signature service, Coursera, VPN connection, Dynamics365, and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).
    • Radius login:
      • Wireless “eduroam” guest network on campuses (WLAN)
    • Active Directory (AD) login:
      • Optima Locker vendors.
    • HAKA login (+MFA)
      • Mepco, Tuudo, UniMove, Theseus, Yuja, Webropol and Metropolia’s selection system.
    • Shibboleth login (+MFA)
      • Moodle, Zoom, Peppi, Google’s cloud services with Oamk’s username and ThinkingPortfolio.
  • [oamkusername]@univ,[oamkusernames24]@univ[univusernam]@univ or
  • [oamktunnus@student[univusernam]@student
    • printing service

Services you log into with your old Oamk username

Everyone will continue to log in to these services with their old Oamk username also in future:

  • [oamkusername] (NB. If you change your password, it will work for these as well)
    • HAKA login (where MFA is not in use)
      • Exam and opintipolku (in the staff role)
    • LDAP login
      • Heimo, Oiva,, and Oamk’s www-homepages.
    • EzProxy, IP-space
      • Library services
  • [oamkusername] + Your password as it was before May 20.
    If you have changed your password on May 20 or later, it will not change for these services, please use the password you used before the service interruption May 17 for these:.

    • kk[oamkusername]
      • Radius login
        • Wireless “kk” local network on Oamk campuses (WLAN) – note. the “kk” network is in use until the end of August. A new, university-wide wireless “owlan” network is coming soon.

You can change your password, check your username, and change the telephone numbers used in MFA at the University of Oulu’s and Oamk’s shared Accountinfo service. The service uses authentication.


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