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Use of IT device vendor

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IT device vendor is a self-service machine from which, as a university or Oamk staff member, you can borrow IT devices for up to six (6) hours. You can borrow devices three (3) times a day. Each university has its own IT device vendors for the staff. In addition to these IT device vendors for staff, ICT Services offer laptop vendors for students use, read more: Use of Laptop Vendors (

The instructions:

Locations of staff device vendors

  • UniOulu Linnanmaa vendor is located in the central hall of Linnanmaa campus in a prominent location on the corner of the L1 hall.
  • UniOulu Kontinkangas vendor is found in the lobby of the main building, Kieppi.
  • Oamk vendor is located on the 2nd floor of Linnanmaa campus in front of the D-wing (7A-area).

Selections of staff device vendors


  • Operating system Windows 11
  • UniOulu: Univ laptop, i.e. staff laptop software, login with university staff user account or UFO account
  • With the laptop, the same carrier bag has a charger because the batteries on laptops do not charge when they are in the tray as in students vendors.
    • UniOulu Linnanmaa 11 pcs
    • UniOulu Kontinkangas 6 pcs
    • Oamk  5 pcs

Remote teaching cases (name of the package is “etäopetus”)

  • The case includes a conference microphone, headphones, camera and USB extension cord, as well as a USB hub.
    • UniOulu Linnanmaa 6 pcs
    • UniOulu Kontinkangas 4 pcs
    • Oamk  6 pcs

Camera and camera support

    • UniOulu Linnanmaa 5 pcs
    • Oamk 5 pcs

Document camera

  • Solo8 HoverCam
    • UniOulu Linnanmaa 1 pcs
    • Oamk 1 pcs

Conference camera 360

  • Kandao Meeting 360° Conference Camera with a stand
    • UniOulu Linnanmaa 1 pcs
    • Oamk 1 pcs

Lenovo adapter

  • Adapter USB-C 65W for Lenovo laptop
    • UniOulu Linnanmaa 1 pcs
    • Oamk 1 pcs

DVD drive

    • Oamk 1 pcs


    • Oamk 2 pcs
    • NOTE: Jabra is included in all remote teaching cases.


First register your RFID identifier on the self-service machine. Do the registration only once and after that you may borrow and return devices easily with your card.

You need for the registration your M365 username of the university or MS Office 365 account of Oamk, mobile phone and RFID identifier which can be in your ID card of the university.

  • You can use the same RFID as you use in the printing service.
  • Also other cards, which have been equipped with the RFID identifier, can be used in the service, for example a bonus card, credit card, Oulu card, travel card.
  • If you have no card with the RFID identifier, fetch the RFID sticker from Campus ICT service point and paste it to some of your cards.

Act this way:

  1. Tap Is this your first time? in case you haven’t registered any card in the service yet.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number. The Finnish operator’s number can be entered without a county code in form 04012345678. The foreign number must be entered with the country code, for instance +44678901234.
  3. Enter your username of the University of Oulu in form or Oamk account in form
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Tap Register.
  6. Place your card on the scanner which is in the tray below the screen.
  7. Tap Return.
  8. You will get the PIN code as a text message. Remember it, you will need it when you borrow.


You can borrow devices only using your registered card.

Act this way:

  1. Tap on the icon of the product you are borrowing. Please note that the number of products that are available is displayed on the screen.
  2. Place your card on the scanner which is in the tray below the screen.
  3. The machine is asking for your PIN code. If you do not remember it, you can order the new one to your mobile phone and to your e-mail by snapping Forgot your PIN code?
    – Enter your PIN code and snap Enter.
  4. The locker is opened.
  5. Take the device carefully out from the locker.
  6. Close the hatch.
  7. You get the email message of which the sender is

Pay attention to these:

  • At the same time, you can only have different product packages on loan, that is, for example, it is not possible to borrow two laptops.
  • The loan period is no more than six (6) hours. If you do not return a device within a loan period, you will get reminders to your e-mail. If you do not return a device even after the reminders, the university will take the needed measures.
  • You can borrow the devices no more than three (3) times per day. The loan period cannot be prolonged but the device has to be returned within six hours.


Return the device within six (6) hours loan period to the same vendor where you borrowed it. Make sure that the contents of the device package are completely the same as when you borrowed it, for example, the power cord is included.

Act this way:

  1. Tap on the icon of the product you are returning.
  2. Place your card on the scanner which is in the tray below the screen. Use only the registered card.
  3. Tap Check in item.
    – Alternatively you can leave a reclamation by tapping Leave reclamation and check in item. Then choose the reason: Item was broken / Battery was empty or low power / Software problem / Cancel.
  4. The locker is opened. Place the device into locker.
  5. Close the hatch.
  6. You get the email message of which the sender is
  7. NOTE: If for technical reason you fail to return the device to its locker, take it to the Campus ICT Service Point or one of the campus reception service points. Do not leave the device on the counter, but hand it over to the staff. If the service points are closed for that day, take good care of the device and return it the next morning.


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