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Google Suite for Education

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Google Suite for Education is a cloud service available for use at the OUAS. The service consists of different tools for communication and collaboration. Both OUAS staff and students are eligible to use the service. In addition to the tools, the service enables centralised management within the OUAS user group.

Logging in to the service

The service uses the HAKA login. You are able to log in to the service as follows:

1) Go to the login page.
(If you already have a personal Google account, and you are already logged into that, choose the Add account button from the menu that opens from the top-right corner.
If you already have a personal Google account, you are logged out, and the login page offers your personal account login information, you need to choose the Use another account link in the bottom of the page in order to be able to continue to the following step.)

2) Type your OUAS e-mail address in the email field like this: (where uname is your personal username – the one that is max eight characters long). At this point, no password is needed. Just click Sign in, and the service will open another login that is administered by OUAS and HAKA.

3) In the HAKA login you should now give your username and password.

N.B.! Here the username must be written as such, so not the e-mail address but just the eight characters.

4) Now the Google front page opens and you can see your own e-mail address at the top right corner. You are able to choose which application you want to use from the icon next to your address.

apps menu

5) You can access your account information as well as log out from the serivce by clicking your own e-mail address.
logout menu

The Google services

Classroom offers the teachers tools for organising and creating tasks. It also enables giving feedback and communicating with the students.
(The service will be published in the autumn of 2014)

You can create your own Youtube channel and you can also restrict the viewer rights so that only the students and teachers of OUAS can watch your video. The Youtube video service holds a huge number of videos which can be utilised in teaching (NB. Teacher, please be aware that you are allowed to give the web addresses of videos to the students. However, according to the law, you are not allowed to show videos using AC or a video projector unless you are the copyright owner or if you have a specific permission from the copyright owner!).

The sites tool can be used to create home pages, intranet pages, project pages, campaigns as well as learning environments. The sites can be shared : E.g. a teacher could make a site that also a group of students can edit, or students could make a site of their own for a group work.

The students and the teachers as well as other staff can save files, such as documents, videos and pictures to the Google Drive. From there the files and folders can be distributed to and edited by chosen users. The users can edit the shared documents simultaneously. By installing a separate application to their computers, the users can view their files using their computers resources management and mobile devices. The service contains 30 GB of storage space per user.

Documents are distributed, viewed, created and edited in Google Drive. The owner of the document can keep the documents private or share them to other users as he/she wishes.

The service can be used in distance education and group work. Through the Google+ Hangout service, it is possible to distribute files, share one’s computer screen and hold a video conference.

With the groups tool it is possible to create and administrate groups. it is possible to make discussion forums for groups.

With Blogger it is possible to make different blogs for different purposes. Also blogs edited by several people are possible, so that e.g. a common blog for a certain course can be made.

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