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Moodle (online learning environment)

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Moodle is the official online learning environment of University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk). To use it, you have to login first.

The teachers can build different kind of courses in the Moodle learning environment. The teachers can share materials and links to students via Moodle, as well as give assignments and create discussion forums. The teachers can evaluate and give feedback on assignments returned by the students (individual and group assignments) and track students’ progress using automatic progress tracking. Teachers can also divide students into groups and use different kind of teamwork opportunities that Moodle provides.

Logging in to Moodle

  • University of Oulu login page
  • Oamk login page
    • Use your oamk email address and password in the login. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required for students and staff of the University of Oulu when logging in.
  • Moodle login page
    • Students and staff from other Haka organizations (mostly other Finnish universities outside Oulu), please choose the Haka login option from the Moodle login page. Then, choose your university from the list and you will get to use the login page of your own university. Use the username (or email address) and password of your own university to login. If your university uses MFA for Haka login, please follow the MFA instructions provided to you by your university.


You will find the instructions from a course called Moodle Instructions.

To access the instructions, log in to Moodle and then register yourself on the course. After the registration, you will always have access to the instructions.

University of Oulu and Oamk use different themes in Moodle. The default theme in University of Oulu is called Fordson and the default theme in Oamk is called Snap. The user interface is quite different in both themes. The theme defines the layout, so for example the colors, text styles and locations of the functions differ between themes. This is why we have theme-based instructions. Please, find the direct links to these theme-based guidebooks below:


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