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Moodle (online learning environment)

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Moodle is the official e-learning environment for the universities in Oulu. Oamk and the University of Oulu share the same Moodle together.

Logging in to Moodle

The address for Oamk users is

Oamk students and staff members log in to Moodle with their Oamk username and password. (NB: Not with the entire the email address). Your Moodle account will be created at the first login.

Also students and staff from other HAKA organisations can log into Moodle using the username and password of their own organisation.


Log in to Moodle to reach the Moodle instructions. You’ll find instructions for students and for staff from the same place. However, at the moment all the instructions for students are for the Fordson theme, which is the default theme of the University of Oulu. While you can apply them also for the Snap theme (the default for Oamk), as the functions are the same, the user interface is still quite different and the functions are not in the same places. ICT Services is working on the student instructions for the Snap theme.

For each course, the teachers should mark in Peppi if the course (or a part of it) is in Moodle.


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