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Zoom online meeting tool (Nordunet) – basic information and links to instructions


Zoom is a web conferencing tool where you can e.g. share your screen with other participants. Use Zoom for remote education and guidance, web conferencing and webinars.

Basic information about Zoom

  • Our Zoom service provider is CSC. NORDUnet Zoom is used by universities (and research) in the Nordic countries.
  • The service is located on the NORDUnet server.
  • Data traffic is concentrated in the EU and complies with data protection requirements.
  • There is no cloud storage yet: the recordings are done directly to your own computer, from where you have to transfer them to e.g. YouTube or MS Stream.
  • A meeting can have 300 participants. (NB. Everyone at Oamk can arrange meetings, also students. However, Zoom, as all the resources given to your use by Oamk, are meant for purposes related to studying.)
  • A large meeting can have 500 participants. (If you need to arrange meetings with more than 300 participants, please contact ICT Services)
  • A webinar can have 500 participants. (If you need to arrange webinars, please contact ICT Services)

Oamk’s own Zoom instructions in English

Zoom instructions elsewhere

  • Zoom’s own help center has many articles and tutorials for Zoom users. Most of Zoom’s own instructions are applicable as such to our Zoom as well.

A selection of Zoom’s own instructions in English

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