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Presemo, online collaboration tool


The University of Oulu and Oamk use Presemo, an online (browser-based) and easy-to-use collaboration tool (activation tool). Presemo offers a variety of activities for lessons, meetings and events, such as:

  • message boards,
  • queries,
  • voting,
  • short tests and
  • instant feedback.

Presemo is suitable for classroom as well as for remote and hybrid events.

Take Presemo into use

Participants need a link to participate in activities, such as responding to queries. They can participate using their own device; a phone or a computer.

Participants don’t log in to the service. Anyone can participate, including users outside the university or Oamk: All they need is the link, which the person who created the activities has given them.

Creating Presemo activities

All staff and students of the University of Oulu and Oamk can create Presemo activities.

To create Presemo activities, go to the online order form, shared by the University of Oulu and Oamk:

Besides the order form, the page has instructions for how to subscribe your own Presemo activities page. The order form accepts only email addresses of the University of Oulu and Oamk. Once you have made the order, you will receive further instructions to your email.

When you have a link to your Presemo activities page, go there to manages activities (e.g. survey) with your own device (phone or computer). You can share the results to participants, e. g. by projecting the results page on the screen in a class room or you can share your screen in Teams or Zoom. As the manager of your Presemo page, you decide what is displayed in the results view. You can also share the result view with a link (by default, the participants can access the results view. If you want, you can restrict access to the results view with setting a PIN code in the result view settings).

Presemo training in English (88 min) The recording is in YuJa. You will have to login to YuJa with your University of Oulu or Oamk account to see the video.

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