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Howspace – browser-based digital facilitation platform


Howspace is an all-in-one digital facilitation platform specifically designed for facilitator-led workshops and events.

Ordering Howspace Workspaces

  • ICT services are responsible for creating workspaces. Make an order by email to Please include the cost center number and a name for the workspace.
  • Oamk staff can freely order workspaces. Oamk has a license in place, which allows 1000 active users at a monthly level.
  • University of Oulu staff can also order Howspace workspaces, but at the University of Oulu, licenses are acquired on a workspace basis. See Howspace workspace order help at University of Oulu from Patio (required to log in)
  • When you no longer need the workspace, archive it.

Support and instructions for use

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