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Recording and sharing videos

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With your Unioulu/Oamk user account, you can access a couple of services for recording and/or sharing videos.

Recordings of video lectures and conferences

You can, for example, record a video lecture/conference directly via the video conferencing service. The following services are currently available to you with your university account:

      • Teams (included in the MS Office 365 cloud service)
      • Zoom (video conferencing service purchased from CSC)
      • Google Meet (included in Google Suite)

There are differences between the services in, for example, the number of participants, but they all include the possibility of recording a video lecture or conference. It is also possible to record a meeting by screen capture, e.g. using the YuJa Software Capture application included in the YuJa media management system.

How to create video tutorials or video lessons

You can use screen capture to create a video tutorial about, for example, using a program, save a PowerPoint presentation with narration (see Microsoft’s instructions for creating a PowerPoint video), or shoot a video tutorial with your smartphone camera.

YuJa is a service in use both at the University of Oulu and Oamk. With the YuJa Software Capture application included in it, you can record videos using screen capture, for example. Screen capture is particularly suitable for producing video manuals about using different software. YuJa’s screen capture feature is versatile, allowing you to choose the capture area, video sources (web camera, computer screen view) and audio sources (microphone and/or computer sounds). You can edit and add captions to your videos in the browser. YuJa includes an auto-captions feature, also in Finnish. YuJa also offers a mobile application. Any mobile video you shoot with it will be added to your YuJa account without any extra steps required.

All video conferencing services (we use Zoom and Teams) also allow you to be the only participant and save the presentation for later use: Typically, you can share image feed both from your computer screen and webcam. If you also need to include computer sounds, specify how they will be included when you make the recording: computer sounds (e.g. the sounds of the programs or the sound from another video displayed on the video) can be included in the recording both in Zoom and in Teams (make sure that the sounds are transmitted to the video conferencing service when screen sharing).

Most video publishing services provide the option to add captions to the video and trim the beginning and end to exclude any unnecessary footage before or after the recording.

Sharing videos

If you especially share videos in Moodle, you should use YuJa as YuJa is integrated into Moodle, the joint learning environment of Oulu’s higher education institutions. You can also use Stream and YouTube with your account, but YuJa integration makes sharing videos in Moodle particularly easy.

The services available for managing and sharing videos include the following:

  • YuJa is the most versatile of the services at our disposal, as it allows you to share the video with individual users or publicly. In YuJa, it is also possible to restrict the video viewing link to work only in Moodle, for example.
  • If you record a video in Teams, the recording link will be available in the same location (e.g. the team channel) where the video conference was held. The physical location of the Teams meeting recordings is determined by the type of meeting and initiator of the recording. Meeting recordings are saved in the team’s SharePoint folder or the recording person’s OneDrive for Business storage space. The video can be viewed by anyone who has access to the location in question. For more information, see the following MS instructions:
  • Stream is a video-sharing service included in the MS Office 365 cloud services, where you can also upload videos from your personal computer. The problem with Stream is that you cannot share videos in it with users outside your organisation.
  • We do not have a cloud sharing service for Zoom, so a Zoom meeting must first be saved and then the finished video uploaded for sharing on YuJa, Stream or YouTube, for example.
  • Videos in Google Meet can be shared via Google services.
  • YouTube is one of the Google services you can use to share a video that is stored on your personal computer publicly or even with just one person outside your organisation.

Ensure you have permission to share the video

When you share videos with others, even if only within your organisation, remember to ensure that you have permission to do so. You may need permission due to the copyright of the materials shown in the video or to protect the privacy of people appearing in the video.

Make sure your video is accessible

See a separate page on video accessibility.

The accessibility requirements do not apply to students’ works, except for the thesis or if their video is to be used in an organisation subject to accessibility requirements (typically a video made for the public sector, including the University of Oulu and Oamk, for example).

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