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Zoom cloud recording (NORDUNet)

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At the university of Oulu and the Oulu university of applied sciences, we use the NORDUNet Zoom, provided to us by CSC. These guidelines are specific to our Zoom. Our Zoom service is located in the secure Nordic NORDUNet cloud.

Please note, that Zoom cloud recording settings on sharing the cloud recordings, do not apply to our Zoom. We don’t use the cloud for sharing, but we use e. g. YuJa to share the videos further.

You can now upload your Zoom recordings directly to the cloud: This way, the conversion of the video file will be made in the cloud instead of your own computer, and you don’t have to check if there is enough of disk space left for your recordings to succeed. When the video is ready, you can download it to your own computer within 10 days.

    1. When you want to record a meeting, press the ‘Record to Cloud’ button during the meeting, and ‘Stop Recording’ when you want to stop recording.
    2. When the recording is processed, the video will be ready for download. The processing time needed is usually at least the length of the recording itself. Thus, for a one-hour recording, you can expect it takes at least one hour until your video is ready.
    3. If you are the owner of the Zoom meeting, you will receive an email with a download link to the recording. (Please check the junk mail folder if you have not gotten the mail!) The link is valid for 10 days. During those 10 days, you can download the video as many times as you wish. After the ten days, the video is permanently deleted from the cloud, so please be sure to fetch it before that.
      • Please note, that depending on the settings, also other users might be able to start the recording: still, only the owner of the meeting will get the download link!
    4. The owner of the Zoom meeting can download the recording to their computer to view or share the recording with Yuja, for example.

See CSC’s tutorial video about NORDUNet’s Zoom cloud recording (the speech on the tutorial is in Finnish, but the user interface is in English.)

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