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Adding a printer in Windows

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You can add a printer to a computer, which is maintained by the ICT services and the computer is in the kk network (either by cable or WiFi)

1. Choose Start (Käynnistä)

2. Start writing  Devices and printers (Laitteet ja tulostimet) until you can choose it from the search results; open it when you see it.

3. Choose Add  a printer (Lisää kirjoitin)

4A. Choose the printer you want to add from the available printers in the list.

4B. In case you couldn’t find the printer you want from the list, choose the “The printer that I want wasn’t listed / Tulostinta ei ole luettelossa” link. Then type the printer path to the name field; \\printerserver\printername. Choose next.

5. Now you may choose if you want to make the printer a default printer for the computer you are using. The recommended default printer is the secure print queue. Finally, choose Finish.

The network printer path for the secure print queue at Oamk

While we share the printing system (the devices) with the University of Oulu, we have our own secure print queue:

  • \\\secureprint_oamk

(NB. You can add this queue to the Windows computers maintained by the ICT services only; from your own laptop, you should use the e-mail or mobile printing in the same way as you would print from your home.)

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