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Logging into services using Haka login (for Oamk users)

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If you use a web service that is provided by an organization that belongs to the Haka confederation (e.g. all the Finnish universities), you may see a Haka login option on the login page of the service. This means you can log in to the service using your Oamk account:

1) Click the Haka login logo, see pictures of them below:

Image 1: New logo

Image 2: Old logo (still in use on some services)

2) Next, you should select Oulu University of Applied Sciences (or Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu) from the organisation selection (see image 3).

Haka: * requires authentication. Required personal data is transferred automatically to the service after authentication. Selected: Oulu university of applied sciences. Unchecked: Remember selection for this web browser session. Select button.

Image 3: Choose the organisation

3) Now you are forwarded to the Oamk login page.
Be sure that the URL starts like this: and that your browser is using a secure connection. (See image 4)

Browser address bar, Secure link,

Image 4: This example shows how the Chrome browser should look like; it looks somewhat different on other browsers so you should know what is the correct way on your browser.

4) Use your Oamk account to log in (see image 5). As an Oamk student, your email address in When you log in, you should use just the username to the Username field. (To be clear: do not use your whole email address as you would when you log in to the Microsoft 365 cloudservice.)

Login to *. A form with Username and Password fields. Don't remember login and Clear prior granting... are unchecked. A Login button.

Image 5: Oamk login

5) In the next view (see image 6) you can see what information is transferred from the Oamk systems to the service you are logging in to. It depends on the service, what information is needed: The information is not transferred until you click the Confirm (vahvista) button. (NB. Next time you log into the same service, this information will not be shown to you again unless the information has changed or you did not check the “Clear prior granting of permission…” before logging in.)

Digital ID Card showing Surname, Principal name, Preferred given name, Affiliation(s), E-mail and Telephone number (blurred) of the user.

Image 6. When you click Confirm, you grant the rights for sending the information to the service. In this example, a staff member’s name, last name and role at the Oamk (=employee), email and phone number.

6) Then you should get in to the service. However, some services may require you to accept their terms of use before that.

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