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FileSender – sending of large files (UO)

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FileSender is a service for sending large files in a secure way. The university has two FileSender services in use.

Two alternative FileSender services

  • FileSender of the university:
    • available for the university students and staff
    • max. size of the file 150  GB
    • expiry time of file, default 7 days, max. 20 days
  • CSC Funet FileSender: 
    • available for all university users in Finland
    • max. size of the file 300  GB
    • expiry time of file, default 14 days

Shortly: A sender uploads a file to the service and a recipient downloads it into workstation. A sender needs the organisation user account or a guest voucher from one who has got a user account. A recipient does not need a user account or a voucher, she/he will get a personal web link in an email message.

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