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Office 365 – Outlook: Adding an email signature

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  1. Open your email. (You can set your signature either in the Outlook desktop version or the browser version. These instructions are for the browser version.)
  2. Open Settings (the cogwheel icon) from the top row options.
  3. Choose View all Outlook Settings (it’s the last item in the view).
  4. Choose Email, Compose and reply and type your signature to the Email signature field.
  5. Check both options for adding the signature automatically to all your new messages and the messages you reply to or send forward.
  6. Finally, remember to click the Save button.

Traditionally a signature has four lines of text with a maximum of 80 characters per line. Before the lines, add two hyphens and a space ("-- ") to mark where the signature starts, it is customary and Outlook doesn’t do that for you. A good signature for a student would be:


Student (GROUP)
Degree Programme, OUAS

Here is an example:


Jane Smith
Engineering Degree Student (DIN12SP)
Degree Programme in Information Technology, OUAS

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