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How to make a black and white PDF file

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When you print files to the printing queue via email,  you cannot help the fact that the colour files will be printed in colour. In case you want to print more affordable black and white prints, you have two options:

  1. When you are fetching your print from the Canon printer, use the printers menu options to change the printing mode to black and white, or
  2. Make your file to a black and white PDF to begin with.

The perk of making a black and white version of your file is the possibility to check how the files looks like as black and white: e.g. if you have graphs, you might want to check if the graphs are still legible after the change.

How to make a black and white version of your PDF file:

  1. Open your file in a PDF reader, such as Adobe reader
  2. Choose File… –> Print…
  3. For the printer, choose PDF printer (if this is not available in the list of printers, you need to add it to your printers (*
  4. Select the option “Print in grayscale (black and white)”
    then print a black and white version of your PDF file and send it to the printing queue. It is a good idea to name the file so that you can tell it’s the black and white version.

*) In Windows 10, the PDF printer is available, follow this guideline to turn it on if you cannot see the PDF printer in the list of printers on your computer: – What comes to other operating systems, you may need to install a suitable printer device driver.

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