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How to create an accessible Howspace workspace

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  1. Please use the default colors and fonts: According to Howspace, they are accessible.
  2. Don’t place too many widgets on a single page: it’s easier for users to navigate from one page to another than from one widget to another.
  3. For page layout, in containers, preferably use only one column or two columns side by side, as three or more columns may partially overlap on some devices.
  4. In the help texts of the widgets, please explain what you are using the function for, and under what conditions. For example, how many options are available in a multiple-choice task, and how many of them can be correct.
  5. Check the ways of use in these widgets in particular: PDF, Pulssi (Pulse), Upotus (Embed) and Koe (Test, exam).
  6. If you add graphics to the pages, also take care of its text equivalent (“alt text”).
  7. If you use attachments, videos or audio files on workspace pages, make sure they are accessible.
  8. Do not use Howspace’s own video player, but share videos from YuJa, where videos can have captions.
  9. Don’t use widgets that have a timeline, quad field, etc., as users must click them with the mouse and keyboard access is not provided.

Please note that Howspace workspace admin views are not accessible.

See Howspace accessibility statement for more information.

These instructions are based on Howspace’s own instructions. Some modifications are made, to suit us better.

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