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YuJa media platform: Information about accessibility

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YuJa provides an accessible user interface to the service (e. g. the video player), while we at the University of Oulu and Oamk are content creators, responsible for the accessibility of our own content in the service.

Accessibility of video content means that the information on the videos is available to diverse users, while accessibility of the user interface on the media platform means that the users are able to play the videos, set the captions on etc.

Accessibility requirements for videos created by staff members

In practice, if you are a content creator, you don’t have to worry about the accessibility of the platform itself: you just need to know, whether the videos you publish have to be accessible or not. When a video must be accessible, you as content creator should provide captions to the video, and make sure the audio of the video provides all the necessary information, even on its own, without the visual information. YuJa helps you in captioning your videos: YuJa provides automatic captions. As an owner of a video, you can order captions (on the language spoken on the video) and once the captions are ready, then you can edit the captions in the YuJa editor. (Please see separate instructions on accessibility of videos (

Accessibility statement of the YuJa media management platform

(Updated February 16, 2023)

As a digital service used in the University of Oulu, YuJa must be accessible: It means the users should be able to navigate the service, perceive and understand its contents and this should be possible also for people, who use assistive technologies. In other words, the service should meet the WCAG 2.1 AA-level accessibility requirements (except for 1.2.4: Captions for live streaming).

YuJa’s media player is accessible and the user interface for a content creator is partially accessible

We have tested the accessibility of YuJa ourselves. The media player is accessible. However, we have noticed some problems in the editor views and we have informed these to the developer:

  • Heading levels are not always logical: H3 level is missing and H2 level is followed with H4 level headings.
  • Video thumbnails, which work as links, don’t have alt texts. However, each thumbnail is followed by a text link with the name of the video in question.
  • In Yuja, some headings are in teal color. Teal against white background does not have sufficient contrast.
  • Editing videos using a keyboard only is possible in theory, but the amount of keyboard commands available is scarce. Using the editor with a keyboard only can be cumbersome, when selecting an action may require quite a lot of browsing between actions. Because of this, keyboard-only users should use other applications for editing videos.

YuJa is committed to accessibility and the platforms supports digitally accessible content

The user interface of the service itself is under constant development and its accessibility is being monitored in the process. YuJa provides an accessibility conformance report (PDF) on their site and update it at least once a year. Please see also YuJa’s accessibility information page on YuJa’s own site. Accessibility was a mandatory requirement in the media management system procurement, which took place in 2021.

The accessibility of the media content uploaded to YuJa varies

The content in YuJa is made by users and they should take care of the accessibility of their content if the content is published in such a context that requires accessibility, e. g. if the content is public or if it is published on different courses, or more than one course implementation of a certain course.

While not all the videos in YuJa has to be accessible according to the Act on the Provision of Digital Services, it is probable that not all videos that should be accessible, actually are.

Some videos might not be visually accessible

  • captions might be missing altogether,
  • captions could be wrong if the automatic captions are not checked and corrected,
  • there can be inadequate contrasts,
  • the text on visual materials can be too tiny,
  • information can be conveyed using color alone,
  • color-blindness is not always considered.

Some videos might not be audibly accessible

  • the speaker could be showing something visually and not describe it out loud to the audience, thus someone who cannot see the video is not able to find out what is the essential information just shown in the video.

Some videos might cause a seizure or physical reaction

  • some videos might contain flashing above the threshold value (3 times/s). A rapidly flashing element may trigger an epileptic seizure or migraine in some people. It is also possible, that a video like this does not warn the user about the issue beforehand.

Have you noticed accessibility issues in YuJa? Let us know and we will do our best to solve them

Usually if you notice an accessibility issue, it is a good idea to first contact the owner of the video, so that they can either made some corrections, or they can provide an accessible alternative to you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that yourself, or you are not satisfied with the response you got from the owner, you can always file a report of the problem by email to us at vimma (at), and we will do our best to deal with the issue. If you notice any accessibility issues in the user interface, please contact us right away. Please provide a description of the issue and if possible, send a link to the user view or to the content where the problem can be seen.

In case you do not get an answer within 14 days from us at vimma (at), or you are not satisfied with our answer, you can submit a complaint to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland
Accessibility Supervisory unit
Switchboard 0295 016 000

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