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How to apply Oamk username and/or new password

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This page awaits an update. Please follow the University of Oulu’s instructions for changing your password, now that we are sharing the same M365 tenant.

This instruction describes two methods how to act when you do not know or remember your Oamk username or its password.

Method 1: Apply username/password through e-Identification

When you don’t know or remember your username, you can obtain it by identifying yourself through e-Identification to Oamk’s username and password service. In the same way, you can apply for a new password if you do not know or remember the current one. The service will generate a new password for you that meets the requirements of a good password.

  1. Go to the Finnish identification tokens – and Identification methods for foreigners –
  2. First, you have to accept the Rules of IT systems use and the access terms and conditions. After that, you will see your username and your new password.
  3. Your new password will be updated to the Oamk systems within five minutes. After that you could a) change the generated password or b) reset the password and then set a new one (see Method 2).

Method 2: Password self-service reset

If you have forgotten your password or want to reset the generated (hard-to-remember) password, you can also set a new password through the M365 sign-in window. This can be done on the Oamk network device or, if your device is outside the campus network, your M365 account must have an MFA method (i.e. multi-factor authentication is possible by your phone). Read more about MFA: Start using the multifactor authentication (MFA) in the Microsoft 365 cloud service (

  1. If the device you are using is outside the campus network, you need for MFA authentication that phone which you have set in your M365 account security information.
  2. Begin the password resetting  by going to M365 sign-in page, but DO NOT sign-in. (You could use the incognito window if you don’t want to sign out.)
  3. Tap the option “Can’t access your account?/Etkö pysty käyttämään tiliäsi?” and then choose “Work or school account/Työ- tai koulutili”.
  4. To recover your account, enter your M365 username in form, or if you are a staff member.
  5. Enter the characters you see in the picture (you can also listen them).
  6. Tap “Next/Seuraava”.
  7. In the verification step, choose the contact method for the verification: pick up the code from Authenticator app or choose a phone call, and act according to your choice.
  8. After a successful verification, you can set a new password and confirm it by entering your password in the fields reserved for them.
    • Note: Special characters in passwords may cause problems when logging into services that use HAKA login. If your password does not work, for example, in Exam, but you are able to log in to your email with it, the only solution is to change the password again.
  9. Then tap “Finish/Valmis”.

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