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Using Carpo2 computing cluster (UO)

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As a part of the FGCI-project, Carpo2 is a computing cluster that offers the faculties participating in the project resources for scientific computing.

The project participants from University of Oulu are the faculties of Science, Technology, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Medicine and Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.

Carpo2 computing cluster is physically located in the CSC data center in Kajaani and contains 20 CPU-computing nodes as well as a GPU- computing node.

You can find more information on using Linux and computing clusters in the Aalto university documention at:

Applying for a Carpo2 computing cluster user account

You can get access to the computing cluster by sending a service request to:

  • Please enter “Carpo2 computing cluster user account” into the Subject- field.
  • Enter your name, email address and cost center in the contents of the message.
  • Please also include a description of the type of computing you are planning to run in the Carpo2 computing cluster.

Once the request has been received, ICT Services will contact you and give you assistance in taking the Carpo2 computing cluster in use.

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