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Use the Webropol Online Survey and Analysis Tool with your Oamk account

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Webropol is an online analysis and survey tool.

Login to Webropol using your Oamk account

1) Open

2) In the login, use your Oamk user name and related password

3) In the next view you will see the information that will be transferred to Webropol, unless you have already confirmed it. The information will not be sent until you choose Confirm. NB. You cannot use the service before you confirm.

To log out of Webropol, you have to close the entire broswer. (Or if you are idle long enough, Webropol will log you out automatically)

If you are idle long enough, Webropol will log you out of the service. If you want to log out earlier than that, note that the log out  link in the service does not work. You should close the browser; closing the window where you have Webropol open is not enough, you need to close the entire browser.

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