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Transferring a OneNote notebook from one M365 environment (tenant) to another


For Oamk staff and students: Please make copies of those of your OneNote notebooks, which you have in your OneDrive. Do it before the service interruption starting on May 17, 2024, and transfer them to your new OneDrive earliest on May 20, 2024.

All external links to the notebooks (e.g., in Moodle or on another website) will break during the service interruption, so please remember to recreate the links to those OneNote files which you have shared elsewhere after May 20, 2025, and replace the old links with new ones where they are still needed.

In the desktop version of OneNote, it is possible to create OneNote packages (*.onepkg) that can be transferred to another M365 environment.

  • Create the packages before the service interruption, by May 17, 2024.
  • After the service interruption, starting from May 20, 2024, you can transfer your notebooks to OneDrive using the packages.
    (Staff should leave this task until after their computer has been reinstalled, and the new OneDrive is visible in the file manager.)
  • You should make copies only of those of your notebooks that you have in OneDrive, and will need in also in future. ICT services will copy the OneNotes located in Teams or on SharePoint sites directly to the the new M365, so you don’t have to make copies of those yourself. (However, the migration from Teams and SharePoint is not entirely flawless, see Team Site Notebook ( for more information)

Create OneNote packages before the service interruption

  1. Open the notebook you want to copy in the desktop version of OneNote.
  2. With the notebook open, select File/Export.
  3. In the Export Current section, choose Notebook.
  4. In the Select Format section, choose “OneNote package (*.onepkg)”.
  5. Press the Export button to start the copying process.
  6. In the file manager window that opens, choose where you want to place your OneNote notebook.
    • Save your file somewhere other than Oamk’s OneDrive. Suitable places include the K-drive, a USB stick, or an external hard drive. Once you have access to your new account in the joint environment of Oamk and the university, transfer your OneNote notebooks to your new OneDrive.

Transfer your OneNote notebooks to the new OneDrive after the service interruption:

  1. Retrieve your OneNote package from the K-drive, USB stick, or external hard drive where you saved it.
  2. Double-clicking the onepkg file of your notebook will allow you to unpack the file to the desired location.
  3. At the same time, you can rename your notebook if you wish. Once you have chosen the storage location for the notebook and are satisfied with the name of the notebook, press the Create button, and now your notebook is available in the new location.

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