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Life Cycle of Videos in YuJa

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Media downloads in YuJa

  • According to the terms of use of your university account (both the University of Oulu and Oamk accounts), you may use the services provided to you by your university, only related to your work and studies: This means that you are allowed to upload to YuJa only such materials that are related to you university work or studies .
  • You must own the copyright or otherwise have the right to use the material you upload.
  • The material must not contain sensitive personal data.
  • YuJa is primarily a video distribution service, so the videos you upload there are processed and compressed to optimize distribution. Therefore, if you have a high-quality raw video that you want to keep for later use, you should primarily save it to e.g. an external hard drive, where the video quality can be preserved.
  • You can store your media files in use in YuJa, but YuJa is not an archive.

For how long will you be able to view videos uploaded to YuJa?

Your video will remain viewable in YuJa as long as

  1. you don’t delete the video (via recycle bin) from YuJa AND
  2. Your video will be watched at least once every three years. (The viewer of the video can be yourself, or anyone with viewing rights; the viewing rights of your own videos are up to you.)

If these conditions are not met, you will no longer be able to watch the video. Read more below:

1. How to exit the video by moving to the trash

All those videos that no longer have a use, should be removed from YuJa. As a video owner, you can move your own videos to the recycle bin.

Videos won’t be removed from the recycle bin until

  • you empty the recycle bin, or
  • The video has been in the recycle bin for 30 days.

2. How the video is deleted, when no one watches it for three years?

If no one, including yourself, watches a video in YuJa for three years, the video will automatically move to the so-called “deprecated videos category” in YuJa. depreciation category. Our YuJa administrator controls the deprecated videos category.

Access videos after account deletion

When you log in to YuJa with your University of Oulu or Oamk account for the first time, a YuJa account will be created for you. Once your user account at the University of Oulu or Oamk is deleted (when your employment or studies end), you will no longer be able to log into your YuJa account. However, a video you have uploaded to YuJa, will still be available for watching, as long as the video is played at least once every three years. All the videos, whose owner’s account is no longer active, have moved to the deprecated category managed by YuJa’s administrator. Naturally, the copyright of the video remains unchanged. The administrator does not change the distribution (viewing rights) of the videos, but they remain as you have set them.

  • If your access rights expire, your account will remain in YuJa for a while, but you will no longer be able to access it.
  • You cannot log in to YuJa with an account that is no longer valid. In practice, if you have videos in your  account at the point when your license expires, the videos will remain viewable until one of the above conditions is met. You will no longer be able to manage them yourself.
  • See also “When a video needs to be available, even if its owner no longer has an user account”

How to delete a video from YuJa permanently

Your video will be permanently removed from YuJa when:

  • Your video is in the deletion category and won’t be viewed for three years. Administrators delete videos that have not been viewed for more than three years once a year.
  • your video is in the trash and you empty the trash,
  • Your video has been in the trash for 30 days, after which the video will be automatically removed from the trash.
  • The Recycle Bin is personal and will also be emptied if your account is deleted.

When a video needs to be available, even if its owner no longer has an user account

When a user’s account is deleted from YuJa, or the account of the university of applied sciences or Oamk stops working, videos owned by the user are automatically transferred to the deprecated videos category, unless the user has shared control rights to their video with other users. If the video owner has shared ownership of the video with someone else (or more users), the video remains in YuJa under the control of the users with whom the video owner shared ownership of the video (and whose accounts are still valid).

If you continue to need access to a video for a long time, it’s a good idea to share ownership over it across multiple users so that the video doesn’t end up in the deprecated videos category, even if the YuJa account of the person who added the video to YuJa no longer exists.

Restore a video from deprecated videos category

Upon separate request, the YuJa administrator can return a video that has ended up in the deprecated videos category either to the original owner of the video, or to the ownership of another user. It is only possible to return a video to another user if the copyright and usage rights of the video (e.g. Copyright, for example with CC) or other specific agreement between the video owner: In this case, the requester must be able to demonstrate that they have the right to request a transfer of ownership of the video that ended up in the deprecated videos category.





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