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Transferring your old email to the cloud services

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Transferring your old email to the new system is easiest by adding the information of your old account to the new one.

After logging in using address, choose Outlook options:

[Outlook options]

Then choose Connected accounts:[Connected accounts]

Now choose New from the Connected accounts section:

[New account connection]

Put your account information using address, where uname is your user name. Put your password to the field below and choose Next.

NB., your real address that ends can’t be used here! (The was created to make a distinction between the old and the new mail so that it is possible to transfer the mail from the old system to the new one, even though the real email address stays the same.)

[Connecting your old email account]

When this has been completed successfully, you will see your old folders and mail to appear in your new email.

Please check that all your important mails and folders have been transferred! If for some reason this hasn’t happened as supposed, you might need to use Outlook for this purpose.

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