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Microsoft Office 365 cloud services FAQ

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Microsoft 365 cloud services consist of several applications:

  • office applications (for browser, desktop and mobile use)
    • Word (word processing)
    • Excel (spreadsheets)
    • PowerPoint (presentations)
    • OneNote (note-taking)
  • Outlook for email and calendar
  • Teams and SharePoint for collaboration
  • OneDrive for file storage and sharing
  • Forms for simple surveys, quizzes and polls
  • Stream for video storage and sharing

(How to log in to the MS 365 cloud services)

1. Which browsers are supported by the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service?

  • in Windows (7 – 10):
    • MS Edge (the new version)
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • (Also Internet Explorer 11 works but it is not recommended for other reasons)
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and newer versions:
    • MS Edge (the new version)
    • Safari
    • Google Chrome
  • Linux:
    • Firefox & Chrome; however, there are features that are not available

2. Are there any restrictions in the email service?

  • Maximum size of your mail folder is 50 GB. When 49,75 GB is in use, you’re not able to send more email.
  • One message including all the attachments can’t be bigger than 150MB.

3. What kind of back up does the Exchange Online cloud service provide?

  • You are able to undelete your messages up to 30 days after you first deleted it.

4. Can I use the Microsoft Office 365 cloud services on my mobile device?

  • Android
    • Install the Office for Android apps (from the Google Play store)
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
    • If your device has at least iOS 10.0, install the Office for iPhone/iPad apps (from the Appstore)
  • Other mobile devices
    • You can use the MS Office 365 services with a mobile browser; however, all features are not available.

See a separate page for the information you need for correct settings to your smart phone.

5. What happens to old email forward settings after the change?

Unfortunately these will disappear and you need to do a new forwarding if you need it in the future. (See a separate guideline for making an email forwarding in MS Office 365 cloud services)

6. Which protocols does Microsoft Exchange Online email support?

Supported protocols are HTTPS, IMAPS and MAPI.

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