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M365 language settings

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Microsoft 365 Education service’s language settings

a) When using M365 service with a web browser, the online applications are affected by the following language settings:

  • Your M365 profile’s language setting
  • Region settings in M365 and/or OneDrive (in some cases/apps)
  • Language settings for the browser you use (affects the front page view of the M365 portal).

b) When using Office desktop applications:

  • Your M365 profile’s language setting do not affect the desktop applications
  • In desktop applications, change the language setting this way: Choose Tiedosto/File > Asetukset/Options > Kieli/Language.

Changing the M365 profile’s language setting

  • When logged in on the M365 portal, select My office profile from the menu that opens below your profile picture.
  • In the Delve app that opens, select Me  from the left menu, then Update profile and then Contact information menu.
  • Click on Miten voin muuttaa kieliasetuksia ja aluekohtaisia asetuksia/How can I change language and regional settings and then click Valitse tässä/Click here.
  • In the three-point menu at the top, select Kieli- ja alueasetukset/ Language and Region.
  • In the window that opens, select My Display Languages as the first language you want to use. Languages can be added to the menu as needed.
  • Save the changes.
    • Change is not immediate, but can take some time (minutes/tens of minutes).


  • See the picture:

    Ohje kuvana

    How to change M365 profile’s language

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