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Email forwarding (UO)

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The primary address of the university student is the organization’s email address with the ending Forwarding mail to external addresses is not recommended, but it is nevertheless possible for students.

Instead, university staff cannot redirect their mail from addresses, as the university’s email rules indicate that forwarding or redirecting official mail, i.e. emails related to work duties, to an address outside the university is prohibited.

Forwarding to an other address can be set this way:

  1. Sign in your email account here: Your O365 user name is in the form
  2. Open Outlook, then snap the gear icon in the upper right corner, choose Settings > View all Outlook settings > Email > Forwarding.
  3. Tick Enable forwarding.
  4. Type in the field Forward my email to:that address to where your emails will be forwarded.
  5. If you want to save copies of the forwarded emails in your O365 mailbox, then tick Keep a copy of forwarded messages.
  6. In the end, snap Save.

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