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Meeting invitation and reservation of a room on campus (UO)

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If you want to arrange a meeting between more people and at the same time book a suitable room, make a reservation in your Outlook calendar of O365 service. The facilities reserved for the university are as resources on the O365 service and appear in the room list. This instruction will tell you how to make a reservation through your calendar.

If you need a space for yourself or a small group at short notice, you can view the available spaces right now using the Cella mobile app. At Cella, you can also reserve a space for up to two hours. Cella is only occupied by students and staff of the university at this point. Its room list does not cover all reserved spaces. Read the instruction Cella room reservation application.

The reservation will be displayed on the reservation screen, regardless of whether you did it via Outlook or Cella.

Make the calendar and room reservation in Outlook this way:

Always reserve a room thorough your own Outlook calendar by adding a meeting room saved in the system as the room to an appointment or meeting invitation you have created.

  1. Start making the meeting invitation with the button New meeting
  2. Select the participants in the To field.
  3. Enter the heading under Subject.
  4. Select meeting times in fields Start time and End time.
  5. Enter the meeting description/invitation.
  6. Tap the button Room Finder.  The Room Finder view will open in the right edge of the window.
  7.  Choose a list you want under Show a room list (for example, management rooms: Hallinto-RoomList).
  8. Select a meeting room you want from the list under Choose an available room.
  9. The room you choose will automatically be added to the receivers of the meeting invitation, and it will also be shown in the Location field.
  10. Send the room reservation and meeting invitation with the Send button or view calendars with the Scheduling Assistant function.

You can view the reservation situation of participants and rooms and the available times in the Scheduling Assistant view

  • Tap the Scheduling Assistant button to switch to the Scheduling Assistant view.
  • You can return to the previous view by tapping Appointment.
  • In both views, you can change the participants, date or other information of the meeting.
  • When the meeting invitation is complete, choose Send.

When you have sent the reservation, you will receive an automatic e-mail reply from the room resource on whether the reservation is accepted or rejected based on the reservation situation of the room in question.

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