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Wireless network (UO)

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You can utilise the wi-fi connections of the University using your own devices (laptop, tablet and phone). Secured eduroam and public panOULU are in your use. You can recognize the service areas from the network logos around the campuses.


Eduroam is a secure international roaming service for members of the European eduroam confederation. Organisations belonging to eduroam can log in to the wireless networks of other eduroam member organisations using their home organisation user accounts.

The eduroam network operating at the premises of the UO and Oamk offers the staff of the University the internet connection and local area network services. Other users (students, visitors) are mainly offered Internet access.

The network requires logging in with user-specific account.

Use your user account of UO in these forms:

  • Staff account:
  • Student account:  

In the network the WLAN client is allocated IP settings automatically.

Installation packages

With these installation packages staff and students of UO can easily connect their mobile devices to eduroam:

a) Univ workstations

  • Run the utility program using the shortcut Eduroam WLAN on the desktop of staff workstation.
  • Utilise the PKI certificate in eduroam and VPN connections, read quidelines: Utilising of PKI in Univ-laptops.

b) Android and iOS devices

  • Go to the store of your device (Android: Play Store, iOS: App Store) and install the application Geteduroam.
  • The institution (University of Oulu, Oulun yliopisto), user profile (students/staff), your username and password are asked during the installation. Check the right form of the username upper on this page.

c) Other devices

  • You can read the QR code for the staff or for students below on your device, so that the eduroam installation starts at The installation recognizes the operating system of the device, the institute and the user profile. Just add your username and password.
QR-koodi henkilökunnalle

Henkilökunnan QR-koodi / QR code for staff

QR-koodi opiskelijalle

Opiskelijan QR-koodi / QR code for students

  • In case the reading of the QR code is not possible, do these:
    • Use web browser of your device and open the page:
    • Choose your language and then press: Download your eduroam installer.
    • Select University of Oulu from the list of Home institutions and then the user profile: students or staff.
    • Choose the right installer for your device’s operating system: Windows, Apple, Android, Linux or Chrome. NOTE: In case your Android is version 11 or newer, do not use these installers, instead load Geteduroam from the store.
    • Your username and password are asked during the installation. Check the right form of the username upper on this page.

Network in the University of Oulu



PanOULU is a public wireless network. Use instead Eduroam where it’s possible.

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