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Zoom security (NORDUNet)

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The Zoom service used by the University of Oulu and Oamk is implemented as a service provided by CSC through NORDUnet. The service is located in EU, and it is used by the Nordic educational and scientific communities. The service’s data security and data protection comply with Finland’s data protection laws, which comply with the GDPR.

Our Zoom service (provided by CSC) is technically different from the free Zoom service provided by Zoom Video Communications, Inc in the USA. Also, the cloud recording used in our Zoom, is provided by NORDUnet, and it is located in the EU as well.

Please, always make sure you have the newest version of Zoom in use for the best security available: It is always a good idea to use the latest software version of any applications and install the released security updates without delay.

There have been reports that some Zoom meetings have been attended by uninvited guests or disturbed by inappropriate videos. This is a common feature in remote meeting applications. If the meeting is held in public, anyone with a link to the meeting can attend. The meeting organizer can restrict access to the meeting, for example, by password or login, and specify whether to allow access to all or only registered users.


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