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Your own homepages at Oamk

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Publishing your own webpages at Oamk’s students (or staff) server

What you have to do in your Unix home directory

You can publish your own web pages at the server (or in case you’re a member of OUAS staff). You need to make a directory called public_html which is the default directory for your personal web pages. You need also to give reading permissions to the world for the directory to be publically available on the server.

  1. First make a ssh-connection to the server (or
  2. Use your students user name and the related password for login
    (staff members use their staff user name; contact IT services for more information in case you need it).
  3. Make a directory called public_html to your home directory by giving this command on the command line:
    mkdir public_html
  4. Then grant reading rights to the world with the chmod command:
    chmod 755 public_html
  5. Now check that everything went as expected:
    ls -la

    Now you should see these characters in the beginning of the line that describes your public_html directory:
    This means that you have all the possible rights: read, write and execute (rwx), and all the rest (group and the world) both have the rights to read and execute (r_x) this directory (d).

Making a homepage using an editor

Making webpages is a rather easy task if you are not aiming for perfection regarding standards; browsers are tolerant of minor mistakes. Webpages consists of HTML code that describes the structure of the document. It’s not so hard to learn HTML and it will pay off rather than learning just how to use a so called “wysiwyg” editor. (A wysiwyg editor displays your work onscreen during editing almost as the final web page that will be displayed on a browser window.)

Your Web page address (URL)

Students’ web page addresses look like this:, where uname is your 8 character long user name.

For staff members the address looks like

If you don’t have a file called index.html (or index.php) in your public_html directory (or any of its subdirectories) the browser will show the contents of that directory as links. If you don’t want the directory contents shown as a list, then make an index.html file to that will be shown instead of the directory listing.

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