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Oamk student’s account password

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Every student at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences has an Oamk account; a user name and related password. You need your account e.g. when you want to read your email, log in to the Oamk data systems e.g. Students intranet Oiva and map your home directory (to a Windows computer at the school network)

Students password will work for one week after your graduation. Same applies also if you decide to finish your studies. Be sure to collect all your important data you wish to keep before that.

How to make a good password?

See a separate page about password requirements.

1. Changing your password

See a separate guide for changing your password.

1.1 When should you change your password?

The password should be changed from time to time, for example in between a month or two.

The system might also demand you to change the password if you haven’t changed it in for a long while. Three consecutive passwords have to be different from each other.

1.2 What to do in case you have forgotten your password?

See a separate page about forgotten passwords.

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