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Tuudo mobile app for students: see e.g. your schedule and grades on your mobile

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Download Tuudo and take control of your campus life

Tuudo is a mobile application that gathers several services to one user interface. Make your life easier and save your energy for your studies!

Tuudo will help you to manage your time at the campus. Tuudo is not replacing the online services provided to you but rather it is complementing them, giving you a mobile interface to the services. Tuudo is not obligatory but you can choose to use it if you want to.

Tuudo is available for Android and iOS devices. You can get the Tuudo application from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. When you open the Tuudo app, choose Oulu University of Applied Sciences from the list of universities and then log in using your OUAS account.

From Tuudo, you will find

  • your schedule
  • the courses you have already completed and the grades you have received
  • enrollment for courses
  • OUAS news (collected from various RSS feeds)
  • contact information for some of the OUAS services (more of these will be added soon)
  • a feedback channel
  • Student Services’ online chat service
  • the OUAS campus maps (the classrooms have not yet been added, so for now, the links from schedules are not yet working properly)
  • canteen menus
  • public transport timetables
  • (+ some other services provided by Tuudo’s partners)

If you want, you can let Tuudo use push notifications for important messages and to remind you of your schedule.

For more information about Tuudo, visit

Also, see the Tuudo user guide

Check out Tuudo’s GDPR privacy statement

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