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Oamk student account (user name & e-mail address)

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To be able to use the Oamk online services, such as e-mail, you need a personal Oamk user account (user name and related password).

The user name is a public identifier, which is shown at the email address before the @-character. The email addresses of the Oamk students look like this:

How the user names are generated

The user name is generated automatically. There are eight (8) characters in the name: the first two characters represent the unit/field (for example t = tekniikan yksikkö/School of Engineering) and the year of enrolment (7 = 2007), the next two characters are the first two letters of the last name followed by the fist two letters of the first name. The last two characters of the user name come from 00—99, for if the first six characters of the user name are the same for some people, these are separated by the last two characters (00—99). In case there happens to be letters å, ä or ö in the name, they are generated as a or o (this is the current way but there has been others, so not all the students’ user names are formed like this).

The homepages of the students of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences are formed as follows: (where uname = user name)

Exemplification (imaginary):

Matthew John Smith (a student at the Schoolf of Engineering, enrolled in 2015) would have the following email addresses:

The user name in this case would be t5smma00.

The user name will NOT be changed, unless it happens to mean something improper because of the automatic generation (for example a swearword).

Expiration of the user account

The validity of your user account depends on your enrolment: If you enrol for the autumn term, your user account is valid until the end of the spring term and if you enrol for the spring term, your user account is valid until the end of the year. When you graduate (or if you do not enrol in time, interrupt your studies or resign), your user name will work for 120 days since the end date of your studies.

NB. If you log in to a service using HAKA login, please note that HAKA login depends on attendance. This means it works only when you are  an attending student and it stops working 7 days after your graduation (or if you have not enrolled in time or if you resign from your studies). For example, HAKA login is used in library services and in Moodle.

It is your responsibility to save your important files elsewhere well beforehand as when your students account stops working you will not be able to reach your Oamk e-mail, or any other services provided by Oamk that require login.

NB! You have agreed with the Access Right Conditions when you got your Oamk user name. Therefore you have agreed to not use the same user name and password combination anywhere else than in the services provided for you by Oamk. This means you should not create e.g. a WordPress profile using the same user name and password that you use with your Oamk e-mail. Also, you should not use your Oamk e-mail address and related password when you create e.g. a profile in Facebook, LinkedIn or alike.

Using identical user names and passwords in different services is not very reasonable: If the security is compromised in any of the services and your user name and password end up in wrong hands, your other accounts are also easily available for misuse.

Also, when you register to services that require you to give an e-mail address, do not use your Oamk e-mail. This way you are able to reduce the risk of getting your address to spammers’ lists and you will not get so much of junk mail.


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