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Good IT practises check list – ensure the information security of your computer and your mobile devices

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  1. Install the security updates as soon as they are available (also on your mobile devices)
  2. Always keep all of your software up to date (also on your mobile devices)
  3. Take backups of your important files!
    While the cloud services are pretty good for keeping your files safe, you should still have separate copies of your most important files somewhere else. If you accidentally remove a file or if your account is affected by ransomware, it could be your only way out is to have safe copies elsewhere. NB. The ICT Services is not responsible for taking care of the backups: it is always the user’s responsibility.
  4. When you use a service that is available to you only in the Oamk’s own network, you can access it also from a remote network if you use a VPN connection.
  5. Keep yourself informed, follow this website and the intranet!

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