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Avoid tech support phone scams

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Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority reported that they have been contacted by a number of telephone support scams. In other countries these scams have been common for a long time. It was only a matter of time when Finnish users end up being a target. Usually there are real companies and well educated cheats behind these scams.

These scams often use this kind of a pattern:

1. You will receive a call either from domestic or foreign number. The caller introduces itself as a Microsoft customer support (for example, or any technology company, which has outsourced the maintenance of MS)

2. The caller says they have seen from their systems that there is something wrong with your machine or for example a malware. Do not be fooled by the caller telling you a technical nonsense.

3. Next, the caller may request payment from you for repairing your computer. Sometimes the caller just wants you to install a program on your PC which will repair the fault or will ask you to visit some web page. The goal is that you get the malware in your computer which is used for stealing information from your computer or its resources are  misused/machine hijacked.

In brief:

  • Do not trust any unknown callers.
  • Do not give your personal or banking information to unknown callers.
  • Do not install programs on request of unknown callers.
  • Do not allow  anyone use your computer with remote administration tool (RAT).


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