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Security checklist

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Now, when the action is in full swing and everyone is back from the holidays, our security officer gathered this-security checklist, particularly for the staff, but it has benefits to others too:

  1. Install any software updates, including those programs that you have installed yourself.
  2. Update the mobile device operating systems and programs.
  3. Check your own backup and that the backup is in good condition (data encrypting viruses are still going strong).
  4. Oamk staffs laptops must run in the Oamk’s KK network, so that all softwares will be installed. This may require time and a number of reboots. This should not be left to the last minute, just before a meeting, business trip or teaching.
  5. Check that your laptop and a mobile device has one of the Oamk VPN solutions available.
  6. Update your expertise about available services and changes in IT systems (for example browsing bulletins from and Heimo/Oiva intranet information).

Then there is a general reminders for secure use of IT-systems:

  1. At all times in Oamk, use KK WiFi network or Eduroam instead of PanOulu network. PanOulu is a completely insecure and unencrypted wireless network. If for some reason you need to use PanOulu network, use it with Oamk VPN connection. VPN will encrypt your network traffic.
  2. Phishing e-mails and scam messages have not disappeared anywhere. IT support does not need your username never, nor ask you to sign in to some vague service with your e-mail.
  3. When you log on to any Oamk service with browser, make sure that when you are about to sign in, there is https in the address field, and that the network address belongs to Oamk. Oamk doesn’t typically have addresses like etc. (There is only one exception to this rule and that is Zoom,
  4. Do not install unknown software, browser extensions, or open vague e-mail attachments or web links.

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