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Rules of IT systems use: maintenance of IT systems


Maintenance of IT systems

Each information system in the University of Applied Sciences must have a designated party responsible (an owner), who is in charge of the intended use, functioning and content as well as the use of the system. The owner of the information system compiles the user instructions and ensures that the services and use of the information system comply with these rules. The IT services of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences are responsible for the maintenance of the shared information systems of the University of Applied Sciences. The manager of the unit in question or a person designated in writing by the unit manager is in charge of the information systems managed by the units of the University of Applied Sciences. A separate list is maintained of the persons responsible for the systems and of the maintenance personnel in each unit.

More detailed information on the maintenance of the information systems, the administrator’s responsibilities and rights concerning the management of the functioning and use of the system, as well as ensuring its information security is provided in separate maintenance rules.

The functioning and use of the information systems generate log entries for the following purposes:

  • implementing and developing the service and ensuring its information security
  • ensuring the security of the information included in the system
  • detecting and correcting any issues and technical malfunctions
  • detecting, preventing, resolving and conducting the preliminary investigation of
  • any misuse of the service.

[The handling of logs is specified in greater detail in the separate log detail handling rules].

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