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How to detect plagiarism using Urkund (instructions for Oamk students)

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At the beginning of this autumn semester (2022), Oamk has started to use Turnitin for assignments returned through Moodle. Also Urkund is an option for plagiarism detection at Oamk until the end of this year. This is Urkund’s user manual and the Turnitin instructions are in Moodle. NB. You’ll need to login to Moodle to read the instructions.

Urkund is a web based service that detects plagiarism: With Urkund, the teacher can check if a thesis (or any other text-based assessment) includes parts that might be copied from other sources. Urkund uses both Internet resources as well as its own databases of published materials, including other student work downloaded into Urkund.

Urkund also helps the teacher to check how the references correlate to electric sources. This is also done using same resources as mentioned.

How to send your work to the teacher through Urkund

1. Your teacher will tell you when Urkund is used. She/he will announce an e-mail address where you should send your work to.

2. Write your assignment using a text editor you prefer and save it in a format that Urkund supports.

3. E-mail your work as an attachment to the address given to you by your teacher. Soon you will get an e-mail from Urkund that comfirms your work has been received.

4. Before your document reaches your teacher, Urkund will run through your work. It will be saved in a database and compared to other documents in the database, encyclopedias, newspapers, scientific journals and books that are available for comparison, as well as materials freely available in the Internet.

5. When the analysis is ready it will be automatically posted to your teacher. With it is enclosed a report that shows if there has been similarities between your work and other sources. The report also has a link to an overview that is a good tool for the teacher for further investigation.

Urkund works like this

In the overview the teacher can see your work and the suggested references simultaneously, side by side to ease the comparison. On both sides there are clear markings that point out the parts that have similarities and might need attention. If the references are marked in a proper scholarly manner, all is good; if there are too close similarities and no references, the teacher should contact you.

When your work has been processed it will archived to Urkund database. It is there for school archives and it also protects your document from being plagiarized, as it will be used as a resource in further comparisons in Urkund, also by other companies and organizations that use Urkund.

All materials that are sent through Urkund are used only for comparison purposes in detecting plagiarism and for archiving.

However, as a copyright holder of your own work, you have a right to forbid the use of your document in Urkund. If you wish to do so, you can do it by following the link that you can see in the bottom of the confirmation e-mail you got when you sent your document for comparison. NB. your document will be processed for plagiarism and it will be archived in Urkund even though it will not be used as a resource for further comparisons. It also means that your own document will not be as safe against plagiarism as a rip-off of your work might get by unnoticed.

NB. If your work is declared as classified or some parts of it are, then discuss about that with your teacher before sending it through Urkund.

Urkund’s privacy policy is available at

Logging in to Urkund

Log in to Urkund at – first choose ”OAMK Oulu University of Applied Sciences” from the organization menu and in the next view, give your OUAS user name and password.

Removing a document from Urkund

You can ask your teacher to remove your work from Urkund altogether.

If you wish to send a new version to Urkund of a document you’ve already sent there, you’ll have to send the work from the very same e-mail address as at first time to be able to replace the old version. Also remember to use the exact same file name and format!

Supported file formats

Urkund supports following file formats:
.pdf (NB. Not a protected PDF!)
Urkund won’t accept other formats. If you try to send a format Urkund doesn’t support, you’ll get an e-mail that will tell you Urkund couldn’t accept your work.


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