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How to search for hybrid-equipped rooms in Peppi


A hybrid-equipped classroom means a room where the AV technology makes it possible to arrange an event where some of the participants are present in the classroom, while some attend the event from somewhere else.

With Peppi’s classroom reservation, you are able find out which classrooms are hybrid-equipped:

  1. Log in to Peppi
  2. make sure you are on the teacher’s desktop (if you can access other desktops)
  3. Open the Resource planning and reservation view
  4. Start with choosing Make other reservations or Plan and make teaching reservations; Near the Rooms field, you should find a search button (it’s the magnifying glass icon) that opens a pop-up window for filtering the search.
  5. Filter your search based on campus (‘Office’ in the search form) and with the minimum number of seats.
  6. Then write hyb to the Resource field and choose the “hybridiopetusmahdollisuus” (= hybrid teaching capability).
  7. Click the search button, and you will see a list of hybrid classrooms that fit your search.

Please note that the equipment is not the same in every room: the rooms have been updated at separate times and we have used the equipment available at that time. We strive to provide a unified experience, but we must accept the continuous development and limited availability of devices. E. g. the Clevertouch smartboards are not available in every hybrid classroom.

Please see the instructions for how to use the AV technology in the hybrid-equipped classrooms

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