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Utilising of PKI in Univ-laptops

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PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a device-specific certificate that can replace strong identification on university staff Univ-laptop when using UNIV VPN (Pulse Secure) or Eduroam wireless networks.

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Utilising of PKI in Eduroam connections

You can take advantage of your Univ laptop’s PKI certificate for all Eduroam wireless connections. In practice, your Univ workstation can automatically connect to the available Eduroam network wherever it is available (e.g. other educational institutions).

Install the certificate this way:

  • Double click the icon Eduroam WLAN on laptop’s desktop.
  • Eduroam Installer will start, click Next.
  • Choose the login method Login automatically with Windows domain certificates and then click Next.
  • Finish the installation by clicking Finish.

Use PKI this way:

  • Once you have enabled the PKI certificate and the setting Login automatically with Windows domain certificates is in use, you will automatically log into Eduroam networks in the future.
  • In a problem situation, you can change the login method to username/password based: Tap Ongelmatilanteessa voit vaihtaa kirjautumistavan käyttäjätunnus/salasana –perusteiseksi: Tap Eduroam WLAN icon on the desktop and select Type user name and password manually as the login option.


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