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Remote desktop connection to Windows server (UO)

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This instruction applies to Windows remote servers of the university:


To access the university’s Windows remote servers, your computer must be connected to the campus network either via a wired network connection (university devices only), wirelessly via eduroam, or via a VPN connection.

For the VPN connection, your computer must have a VPN client installed; FortiClient or OpenVPN. In addition, OpenVPN needs an Eduroam profile file to work. There are separate instructions for their installation:

This instruction shows how to open a remote desktop connection from your workstation to a Windows remote server:

If you do not know the operating system and the name of the server, check this page: Remote Desktops.

From Windows computer to Windows server

(1) After you have opened the VPN connection (OpenVPN Connect), open then Remote Desktop Connection which is part of the Windows operating system:

  • Open it via the Start menu:
    Käynnistä/Start >
    Apuohjelmat/Windows Accessories > Etätyöpöytäyhteys/Remote Desktop Connection, or
  • alternatively, you can find it using the Windows search function, e.g., with the word “remote” and launch from the icon that the search provides.

(2) In the connection window, type the name of the remote server and your university user account in form:

  • student: account@student or student\account
  • staff: account@univ or univ\account.

(3) Click Show Options > Save as > Desktop to save the connection information for the next time.

(4) Open the connection with Connect button.

  • If you get a message about the certificate, tick “Don’t ask again in this computer” and accept it.

(5) Note these:

  • the remote desktop is your personal desktop
  • you can use your Onedrive and your home directory (network drive K)
  • shortcuts to the programs are on the desktop
  • you can switch over the remote desktop and your own computer’s desktop by minimizing the remote desktop to the taskbar
  • printing is not available on all the servers
  • disconnect the remote desktop when you don’t need it anymore
  • disconnect the VPN connection too if you don’t need it

From Mac computer to Windows server

On the first time:

(1) Load and install Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from AppStore.

(2) After opening the VPN connection (OpenVPN Tunnelblick), open the Remote Desktop application.

(3) Add the remote server name and your user account by clicking Add PC.

  • PC name: type the name of the remote server
  • User account > Add User Account: type your university account in form:
    • student: student\account
    • staff: univ\account
    • and click Add.
  • Group: Saved PCs
  • Gateway: No gateway
  • Reconnect if the connection is dropped
  • Save this connection information on your Desktop by the button Add.

Open the remote desktop connection this way:

(4) After opening the VPN connection (OpenVPN Tunnelblick), open then Remote Desktop Connection.

  • Double click the icon or use the secondary mouse button and choose Connect.
  • Type your password and click Continue.
  • If you get message about the certificate, in this case you can accept it and continue.

Information: The university’s remote desktop servers and lists of the software are seen on the page Remote Desktops.

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