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QSR NVivo on own computer (UO)

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QSR NVivo is software for computer assisted qualitative data analysis. Materials, like open-ended survey responses, literature reviews, interviews, audio recordings, videos, pictures, social media and web pages, which are related to the research project can be analysed with the help of the NVivo.

Web pages: QSR International

You can use NVivo on the remote desktops of the university with a MyNVivo username which you can ask from Read more: Remote desktops.

Students may install NVivo software into home workstations free of charge:

  • If you want to install NVivo on your home computer, request a NVivo license from Send a message from your university’s e-mail address. QSR will email you instructions for installing and licensing NVivo after the license is granted.

Staff licence:

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