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Why isn’t MS Office 365 login or MFA always required?

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This page awaits an update. Please follow the University of Oulu’s MFA instructions, now that we are sharing the same M365 tenant.

When you log into a MS Office 365 service, why isn’t a login always required?

You may have noticed that sometimes, you can access a service without giving your username and password, while sometimes you are asked for them: In some cases, the login can be automatic if you have already logged in to another service using the same credentials. E. g. if you have logged into a Windows computer maintained by the ICT services, you can already access multiple independent services without a separate login for each service. This is called single sign-on (SSO).

NB! This is one of the reasons, why you should always lock your computer when you are not using it, even for a short while. (In Windows, use WIN+L key command to lock your screen. On a Mac, the key command is CTRL-CMD-Q)

MFA is not always asked:

  1. MFA is not used when you log in using your MS Office 365 ID, and you are in Oamk’s network, or in the network of the University of Oulu, or you are already using VPN to access the network.
  2. When you have been regularly using the same device to access MS Office 365 services for long enough, MFA will create a trust relationship with your device, and asks for authentication less often. Once a trust relationship has been formed, you will be asked for verification e. g. if you stop using your device for 14 days, or if you change your password.

If you are a member of staff: Please use your computer in the organisation’s network on a regular basis. You can check the update status of your computer from the Software center’s updates tab.

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