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Guide your Zoom meeting participants to use the Zoom toolbar


If some of the participants of your Zoom meeting have not used Zoom before, you could ask them to join your meeting a little earlier, so you can show them a quick guide before the actual meeting starts.

Share your screen to the participants already a few minutes earlier and show the participants a slide like this:

The image shows a slide with this text: Welcome! Accessibility workshop, Wednesday June 24. 10 AM - 11 AM, We’ll start soon. Then there is an image of the Zoom toolbar and these texts: Compare the image above to your own set of tools in your Zoom view: Your Zoom toolbar may differ from the image. You should find it either on the top or the bottom of your view. Click the Manage Participant button to see who else is online. Open the Zoom chat window. If you cannot see it, look for it in the More menu:You can see the More menu on right side of the toolbar if some of the options are not visible. You can move the windows around your screen. To open the audio and camera settings, click the down-arrowhead on the right side of the microphone or the video camera icon: In the menus you will find options for testing and changing the audio and the video settings.

Of course, you can make your own slide but if you want, you can download this Zoom-welcome -PowerPoint slide for your own use: Just change the title, the date and time to suite your meeting.



You can use the slide as you wish. (The original slide in Finnish was made by Tiiu Tenno  and it was later modified by Anna-Liisa.)

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