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Problems with the Canon uniFLOW devices?

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Canon takes care of all the Canon printers in use at Oamk and the University of Oulu. 

  • Canon takes care of both the papers and ink on the devices. If a machine is out of paper or ink, or if there is a functional disorder, Canon’s services are notified about the issue automatically. Canon’s service will then arrive as soon as possible, during weekdays at 8 – 16.
  • If there is a paper jam, you can typically resolve the situation on your own: just follow the instructions on the display of the printer.
  • You can also contact the Canon’s service engineer by email: canon (at) If you have an issue with a certain device, please mention the serial number of the device in your email. You can see the number on a sticker that is placed visibly on the printer.
  • If you need assistance urgently, there should be a phone number printed to a A3-sized poster close to the printer.

Canon’s user guides for all the models

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