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VPN Connection (Oamk staff’s guide)

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VPN connection

VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) is a solution that enables the workers to reach the organizations network securely from the insecure public network. This enables e.g. remote work from home or traveling. The VPN uses “virtual” connections that are routed through the Internet from the organization’s private network to the employee: Both parts are first identified and when the data is transferred over the public network, it is encrypted, so anyone intercepting the data is not able to read it.

How to create a new VPN connection

ICT services recommends FortiClient or Open VPN.
NB. Oamk stopped using Palo Alto Global Protect for Windows on April 12, 2023.)

  • FortiClient
    • works for Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as iOS and Android devices.
  • Open VPN
    • works for Windows, Linux and Mac.

When you have connected to Oamk’s network, you can map your network drive according to this guideline:

NB. You need your phone every time you open a VPN connection, as multifactor authentication, MFA will be required every time, when you open a VPN connection. The same Authenticator app (and the same contact information you have already given for MS 365 MFA) are used for verification also for VPN MFA.

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