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Change the VLC media player to the default in Windows 10

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In Windows,  the default media player is Windows Media Player. However, we recommend you change the default to VLC media player; it is a free, open source multimedia player that plays most multimedia files. In order to do this, you need to install VLC on your computer <>. This is how you can then change the default media player in Windows 10:

  1. Click the magnifyer glass icon on your computer (see item 1 in image 1)
  2. Start to write the word ‘settings’ (see item 2 in image 1)
  3. Choose Settings from the search results (see item 3 in image 1)

    Image 1

  4. Choose System:

    Image 2

  5. Choose Default apps (see item 1 in image 3)
  6. Right-click the item below the Video player and choose VLC from the list. When you are done, the situation should look like in image 3.  From here on, the default player will be VLC.

Image 3


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