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Rules of IT systems use: access rights and user accounts


Access rights and user accounts

The user is issued rights to access certain information systems. The access rights are based on the user’s position at the University of Applied Sciences or they can, for a special reason, be granted to someone not within the University of Applied Sciences community.

The activation of the access rights requires that the user commits to complying with these rules and other guidelines and regulations concerning access. The user must familiarise themselves ahead of time with the user instructions and rules concerning the system.

The access rights must not be transferred to other parties. If there is reason to suspect that a password or other form of identification has been disclosed to an unauthorised party or that such party has gained possession thereof, the password must be immediately changed or the use of the identification blocked. The password must be changed at frequent intervals, and it should be [difficult to guess /break/ in accordance with the University of Applied Sciences password policy].

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