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Rules of IT systems use: principles of use

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Principles of use

The key general principles guiding the use of the equipment and electronic services of the University of Applied Sciences, the rules of IT systems use and the interpretation of the access terms and condition are:

  • All authorised users have a reasonable and appropriate access to the system.
  • No harm or damage may be caused to other users, organisations within the IT network or information systems.
  • Privacy should be respected.
  • The access rights granted by the University of Applied Sciences are personal.
  • The user is personally responsible for all use of their user account.

The University of Applied Sciences IT systems are intended as a tool to be used in tasks related to studies, research, teaching or administration [at the University of Applied Sciences]. Any other use requires a separate agreement.

Small-scale private use is permitted only to the extent that it does not hinder other use of the system and is not in conflict with the rules issued on the system in question or with the general rules concerning use. To ensure the protection of privacy, private materials should be kept clearly separate of work-related materials.

Any commercial use, unless it is carried out on behalf of the University of Applied Sciences, requires an express permission.

Use for political activities (such as election campaigning) is prohibited. Exceptions to this include University of Applied Sciences elections and the activities of the students’ union [political student organisations / sub-chapters related to the students’ union] and staff unions etc.

All users should do their part to ensure common information security. Even if the user’s own material does not require secure handling, the materials of other users may. All users are responsible for ensuring the overall security of the information system. Any observed or suspected defects in and any violations of information security should be reported to the ICT Services.

The University of Applied Sciences works to protect all users against malware, spam and attempts to hack into the systems or individual workstations. Users must also ensure they do their part in these activities in accordance with the instructions given. (See the information securitybulletins)

The user is responsible for the security of their own files and, ultimately, the backup copies thereof. The University of Applied Sciences makes backup copies of the files in the centralised information systems, but is not responsible for damage caused by potential destruction of the files.

The user is obligated to keep confidential the information content, methods of use, security level and properties of the systems when required by the intended use of the information systems, regulations or laws issued thereof.

Only devices approved and registered by the network administrator may be connected to the University of Applied Sciences network. The instructions given must be adhered to when making such connections. [Network sectors reserved for public use or for the users’ personal devices are separately marked in a visible manner.]

Breaking any of the access right conditions or the rules of IT systems use will result in losing access rights either temporarily or permanently.

Please remember that accessing the Oamk network is not a right, but a privilege that can be lost by misusing it.

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