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Rules of IT systems use: the purpose of the rules

  1. The purpose of the rules of IT systems use (this page)
  2. Principles of use
  3. Access rights and user accounts
  4. Validity of access rights
  5. Maintenance of information systems

The purpose of the rules of IT systems use

The University of Applied Sciences is both a science and research community and an educational institution. It should secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information of all of its user groups, as well as offer a reliable and secure environment for processing the information. These rules of use and the related access terms and conditions have been compiled to assist users in different groups to identify the rights, responsibilities and obligations associated with their access rights. Failure to meet, even unintentionally, the obligations related to the access rights may jeopardise the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information owned by other users as well.

The rules of use and the access terms and conditions apply to all information systems which the University of Applied Sciences administers or is otherwise responsible for and the use thereof, as well as to other services which the users may use or for which they have access rights through the University of Applied Sciences. The rules also apply to workstations in public use at the University of Applied Sciences and all equipment connected to the UAS network.

In addition to these rules, all users of the UAS information technology should also adhere to other rules and guidelines issued by the UAS on the information systems, as well as good practices and the laws of Finland. Violations of these rules or other rules concerning the use of the information system shall be processed in accordance with the rules concerning sanctions. The valid version of the rules is available at

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