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E-mail guidelines

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Consider the recipients of your e-mail

  • When you reply to an e-mail check that the e-mail address in the to-field is correct.
  • Use a descriptive heading.
  • Don’t spread any circular e-mails.
  • Prefer text only messages whenever possible (= No HTML-pages or word documents for message that is composed of just text)
  • Instead of mail attachments, prefer weblinks when possible (you can use your own public_html for this).
  • You should not send attachment files to mailing lists.
  • Posts to mailing lists must follow the topic of the list.
    (E.g. class mailing lists are meant for mail related to studies or class activities only; No spam or selling or buying advertisements are accepted there.)

Remember security issues

Beware of viruses and scams

  • Do not open attachments from unknown recipients or even those that seem to come from a familiar quarter if the mail otherwise seems to be odd.
  • You should never give your password to anyone asking for it through mail. IT Services will never ask for your password so if someone pretends to be IT Services staff and asks for your password, that is a clear sign it’s a scam.


  • Do not answer to spam or you’ll get more of it.


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